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In order to be able to watch a HD source (Sky HD box) in a separate room(s) from where the box is located, you have to install some kind of HD Distribution equipment. DVI in Exeter installs the correct HD Distribution equipment for you.

How can we do this?

This can be done in a number of ways, the simplest being to install a HDMI splitter at the HDMI source and an additional HDMI cable to the other location. However, with the constant developments that continue to be made with all technologies in particular HDMI specifications, you may find that a few years down the line the HDMI cable you’ve had installed is no longer compatible with the products on offer.

What’s the alternative?

As an alternative, we suggest to our customers that rather than installing a HDMI cable to the second location we install a network cable (Cat 5e or Cat6). This way with the use of a set of HDMI extenders we can distribute the HD source (Sky HD box) to the other location without the worry that in the future the cable would become incompatible.


What if I would like to view HD in multiple rooms from one HD Source?

Again this can be carried out in much the same way as to a single room. However, rather than installing a single network cable (Cat 5e or Cat6). We would install multiple network cables from a central location in the property to each of the rooms you wish to have the ability to watch the HD source in (this can be achieved as part of a Structured Cabling install).
By having the source equipment located centrally, as well as having crisp High Definition in multiple rooms, you also have the added bonus of keeping your living space free from having multiple different devices under your TV.

With a multi room system, rather than using a single set of HDMI Extenders, we install an HDBaseT Matrix, thus eliminating the requirement for multiple individual extenders. The added benefit with a matrix system is the ability to distribute multiple HD sources. You may decide to distribute anything from one source (Sky HD) to 4 rooms or 4+ sources (Sky HD, Virginmedia, Bluray, Apple TV, etc) to 4+ rooms in your home.

Whatever you decide, DVI Exeter can achieve this for you by installing a HD distribution system.

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